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of Condition Monitoring Services

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Engineering Consulting Firm in Zimbabwe

Leading Provider

of Condition Monitoring Services


Vibration Analysis

Equipment and parts respond to vibrations in a variety of ways that can be used to identify defects due to misalignments, imbalances or design flaws. Wear on machine parts, bearings, rotors and shafts, causes these parts to vibrate with specific patterns that can be recorded and analyzed. Different parts vibrate in different ways, and worn or out-of-balance parts have unique vibration signatures that can be tracked and used to predict parts failures.

Motor Circuit Analysis

Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) is a battery of computerized tests on an electric motor to ascertain the motor’s overall condition and possible sources of potential failures. Electrical imbalances and degradation of insulation are the chief causes of motor failure and are the focus of MCA testing. Some tests are go/no-go tests, while test results for others must be tracked over time to identify failure development. These tests are generally grouped into voltage-based or current-based tests.

Laser Alignment

Laser shaft alignment is a way of measuring misalignment between two or more shafts. it saves time and money: increased machine availability, prolonged service life and maintenance intervals, lower power consumption


Thermographic inspection helps identify safety issues such as overheated electrical connections, pipe leaks and pressure vessel weaknesses. Many infrared techniques based on the principles of IR radiation have been developed to fit specific industrial applications.

Dynamic Balancing

A rotating system of mass is in dynamic balance when the rotation does not produce any resultant centrifugal force or couple. The amount of force created by unbalance depends on the speed of rotation and the amount of unbalance.

Lubrication Systems

An automatic lubrication system, is a system that delivers controlled amounts of lubricant to multiple locations on a machine while the machine is operating.

Muster II Fire Suppression Systems

The in-built accuracy of the Muster II Fire Suppression system is controlled using intelligent pressure sensors, ensuring that the discharge time meets the initial design criteria, effectively suppressing fires in the punishing environments where many machines operate.

Transformer Oil Purification

Transformer oil serves to insulate the energized parts and components of electric power transformers. Efficient purifying of transformer oil by transformer oil purifier extend transformer’s life & reduces cost of replacing with new oil. Purification is done both offline & online.

Hoists & Crane

ARS has been providing expert advice on electric overhead travelling cranes, hand operated cranes, wire rope hoists, jib cranes, electric & manual chain hoists and accessories. For the past 7 years the business has evolved around keeping our customers lifting assets operational. Over our long history we have strived to become the number one source for providing an unparalleled service that includes:

  • Servicing to the current world standards
  • Modernisation/ Standardisation of current installations
  • New Overhead cranes / Jibs / Lifting equipment
  • In house engineering team